The OVERground Railroad–SCBHB Green Book

The year is 1949. Your mother and father made the decision to move to Harlem, New York to join the ranks of other great African-American artists during the Harlem Renaissance. Plan a trip north from Charleston, SC. The map provides different options of places you can stop that would be in the Green Book. Once you have decided on the route for your family, share it with your class!

  • Charleston, SC
    • What time will you leave?
  • Fayetteville, NC
    • Are you hungry? Where can you eat?
      • Food
        • Verta’s Deli—3978 Main St.
        • Pig n’ Pats—4200 Avalon Rd.
        • Ivies—1820 Imperial Blvd.
    • We need to get gas then hop back on the road. Where is the service station?
      • Service Station
        • Valentine’s Service—2657 Western Ave.
        • Esson Service Station—3899 Imperial Blvd.
  • Richmond, VA
    • We are halfway there! Let’s get some rest. Is there a hotel or a tourist home (bed and breakfast) where we can stay?
      • Tourist Home
        • Ella Latimore—2700 Bull St.
      • Hotel
        • Browns—5505 Central Ave.
        • Edison Hotel—1904 Broad St.
  • Baltimore, MD
    • Lunchtime!
      • Ida Bells Grill—5748 Valley Creek Way
      • Heavenly Burgers—4844 Liberty Rd.
      • Bugle Buns—48449 North 110th St.
    • Service Station
      • Ross—90 Ford St.
      • Esson Service Station—80 Williamson St.
      • Miley and Miles—494 Freedom Blvd.
  • Philadelphia, PA
    • The car is overheating. We need a garage to fix it!
      • Garages
        • Talefero—4849 Emancipation Way
        • Uncle Jebs—3845 Reynolds Ave.
    • While we wait, choosing things to do around Philadelphia
      • Hair and Barber Shops
        • Hunter’s—2478 Pierre Ave
        • Jesse Mirror—4248 Looner St.
      • Convenience Store
        • C. Little’s Alley—2939 Alley Ave.
      • Book Store
        • Douglass’s Library—7787 Freedom Pkwy
    • 515 Malcolm X Boulevard

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