Genealogy: Digging Your Roots

Instructions: Fill in the circles with your family genealogy. At the top of each side, write in your family names—your grandmother’s maiden name and your grandfather’s last name—then at each level, place the first name of prior level’s parents.  Interview your family members to get further out on the branches. Use the space provided to take notes and to write down the city and states of origin for various family members. Use the instructions from the Oral History Activity to become the expert on your family’s ancestry!


  • Level 1. 
    • Put yourself in the middle, your mother’s name to the left, and your father’s name to the right
  • Level 2.
    • Your Grandparents
  • Level 3
    • Your Great Grandparents
  • Level 4
    • Your Great-Great-Grandparents

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